A quick update from Bamtino HQ!

We’ve been busy signing up furniture makers and helping our clients finalise their design briefs before posting projects on our site.

From our discussions with furniture makers, one issue they commonly experience are clients who have an idea in their head of (for example) an awesome dining table, but have difficulty describing it in a language that the makers can understand. Clients might be unsure of the dimensions, the grain of the wood, or even demand a massive timber log on skinny legs (which presents an engineering challenge).

The priority for our users is to make the bespoke furniture process as easy as possible. When you submit a project, we encourage our clients to post pictures or links to what they like – giving us and the makers some idea of what you have in mind. For some projects at the moment we’re also providing a concierge service to help smooth the whole Bamtino experience. We’ve also been talking to architects and interior designers to get their feedback on our vision… they’ve¬†given us a few exciting things in the pipeline to watch out for!



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