Client Story: Colette and the Makers of Kilmarnock

At Bamtino our aim to make it easier to commission a bespoke piece of furniture. We love getting feedback and stories from happy clients- here is one of them:

“Using Bamtino was seamless, fun, and easy to do from far away. I wanted to have something special made for my granddaughter to fit a certain space in her bedroom. Bamtino made that easy. They connected me with talented furniture makers who told me what my options were. Kilmarnock were a fantastic choice. They went above and beyond and were happy to work with me to build the perfect gift for Isabella. This was by far the most successful birthday gift I have given. Thank you Bamtino for making it possible.”
– Colette Cox

Great testimonial Colette, we’re glad you got what you wanted!
A big thank you also to the talented makers at Kilmarnock 🙂

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