A Furniture Maker


When someone mentions the word “furniture maker,” I used to picture an old man with a beard, sitting on a bench, sanding away in his workshop. The truth is,  however, far from that stereotype. Our makers comes from all walks of life and a multitude of backgrounds. One thing they do share though, is a passion for the crafts and an eye for quality.

We recently found out about a very talented maker called Natasha Courtney and I’m glad to have her part of the Bamtino community. We’ve set her up with a profile page to showcase her work so be sure to check it out here!

Another awesome thing about having Natasha on board is that she’s based in the Coromandel, which is a sweet spot for surfing. Now all I have to do is convince Adrien to let me go on a ‘work trip’ to visit the studio and catch some waves on the side 🙂




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